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The Fantastical Adventure of Magic Mazik


Magic Mazik

“The characters were a delight to get to know.”

“All the characters were fun to read about. I can’t wait to read more about them in the next book. They were memorable, and besides, an evil fashion designer is not something you read about every day.”

The Rising Tilde Review

 “We are absolutely delighted to be a part of the Magic Mazik! launch, and are so grateful to Ian Joseph, for generously choosing to support Blood Cancer UK through the sale of his book! We know that this is a cause very close to Ian Joseph’s heart and we really appreciate his choosing to support our research and the Blood Cancer Community, in this way. We are wishing Ian all the very best, with this, his first publication, and look forward to hearing much more about Magic Mazik! and his future works!” 

– Marielle Birks, Interim Regional Relationships Manager for the North, Blood Cancer UK.

“Firstly. I would like to comment that it has been an absolute pleasure to read ‘Magic Mazik’.

The charm of your writing, I feel, lies in its familiarity. You have managed to capture the magic of the ordinary, the everyday, and mix this with a ring of madness, which makes your collection of stories here all the more believable, and to a child, all the more possible, 

The magic of your writing is that we feel this could happen to anyone, and you should be proud so have created such an immersive and imaginative experience.

The relationship between Mazik and Gramps, in particular, is so unique to your narrative. Not only would this be a delightfully familiar situation for your young audience, who will hopefully share such warm relationships with their own grandparents, but for parents and all older readers alike, the charm of your work stems from the nostalgia it evokes. 

Your characterisation is skilful and vibrant throughout, I positively adored the character of Gramps. Though I may be slightly biased, your use of dialect was hilarious and refreshing, as Gramps seems only more authentic both as a human being, and as a character that would resonate universally (I also loved that, as such a proud Yorkshireman, he sleeps in his flat cap). 

Your narrative overall is witty and skilful, as you manage to resonate and engage with audiences on multiple levels, which is the key to children’s literature. Not only do you have a wicked imagination with such a child-like sense of wonder (but your humour will undoubtedly strike a chord with the parents who may be reading alongside their child. 

Ultimately. ‘Magic Mazik’ has won me over_ Your narrative, your characterisation, is bold, engaging, and entirely absorbing. You have created a world and a family that is just a little bit more extraordinary, and I can only commend you on your talent. I believe in the Sparks, and I thank you for giving us the chance to experience a snippet of magic.”

– KE

“Ruff, ruff”

– Chepi Spark 

Mazik and the Miss Fitz

“What about Mazik and the Miss Fitz? What can I say? It took me completely by surprise, and I was riveted. It is brilliant; definitely your best so far. The deadpan introduction of the Miss Fitz gives a delightful, quite unexpected shock of horror. And you hit a level of consistent preposterous fantasy which deepens and deepens to the end. 

I am confirmed in my impression that you have a touch of genius. A harsh critic might say there is too much Roald Dahl here. But you have your own distinctive originality.”

– JB

“I really enjoyed your story. I thought it was snappy and fast moving. The observations and descriptions were very evocative, and it was amusing but I don’t think this detracted from the dramatic tension. I liked the way the craziness and magic were just “part of normal life” and Mazik still got told off like any other kid.

I loved Gramps and Mazik, and the three witches. And the dog was great – I could easily imagine Chepi being a part of the action, more intelligent than given credit for, and trying to do his bit for his humans!”

– HS

“Milly and James loved Mazik and the Miss Fitz. it was a big hit! Interesting characters and beautifully written”

– RC

“…we can confidently state that your work was found to be an exciting and colourful

children’s book, full of danger, mystery and heroics. Reminiscent of the works of Roald Dahl, the narrative uses elements of grim fantasy to brilliantly contrast the pure and brave-hearted young protagonists and endear them to the reader. The prose is sophisticated yet accessible, with vivid descriptions that skilfully draw the reader into the story and inspire their imagination. An entertaining read full of whimsical, memorable characters.”

– AL

“I certainly had a smile on my face as I read the beginning – and that is a rare talent. You’ve got a lively idea here, and you write well and clearly. There’s certainly a lot of imagination at work here.”

– Anon

“I’ve never been so engrossed in the protagonists’ success.”

“I experienced quite a rollercoaster of emotions while reading this book!”

The Rising Tilde Review

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